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Pro Bono Program

Panel membership

Attorneys wishing to join the Pro Bono Panel should submit to the Circuit Mediation and Judicial Support Office (“CMJS Office”) a cover letter (including statement of types of cases, if any, that counsel prefers or does not prefer), resumé, writing sample (appellate brief or brief of substantive motion), and statement of good standing in the Fifth Circuit Bar.

Expense reimbursement requests

At the conclusion of the case, Pro Bono Counsel may file an ex parte motion for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses incurred. Reimbursable expenses may in no event exceed those allowable in Criminal Justice Act appointments. [1] The CMJS Office will review the motion and present a recommended disposition to the panel that decided the case. Any such recovery of expenses shall not be considered a fee for services.

Travel expenses must be authorized in advance by the CMJS Office. Pre-authorization for all travel requiring overnight accommodations, air travel, or more than 4 hours round trip driving time must be requested in writing (email preferred).


Applications for panel membership should be emailed to the CMJS Office at Questions about the program may be directed to Kate Clark, Administrative Attorney, at that email address or by telephone at 504-310-7799.

[1] For more information on reimbursable expenses, see the Guide to Judiciary Policy, Vol. 7, Part A, Guidelines for Administering the CJA and Related Statutes (CJA Guidelines), §§ 230.63, 230.66.